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Lattice to the mystique beauty

Flawless glowing skin could be everybody’s dream. Certain doors and steps are required for this apt tone. Seasons might keep changing yet one could maintain a good skin tone all the time. It is great to have good skin all the time but it is not just a matter of DNA. The diet chart, lifestyle, age, health conditions, environment, and much more could have a direct impact on the skin. Build the skin tone the way one would ever want to conquer. 

 Know the real step 

Certain missteps that people follow would cause damage to their skin. A lot of information available around might be one of the major reasons for people to experiment and impair their skin. There are some common mistakes which people might be carrying out such as:
  •      Include nutritional supplement in the diet
  •      Using or changing too many cosmetic products often 
  •      Using facial scrub on a daily basis 
  •      Sleeping without removing makeup 
  •      Using the same pillowcase for two weeks and more 
  •      Working out with makeup 
  •      Must use sunscreen even at  home
  •      Clean and sanitize makeup brushes or tools regularly 
  •      Not applying cream or serum before sleeping 
  •      Not using SPF properly
  •      Not  using  the right products as per the skin type
  •      Not getting enough sleep and water 
  •      Not having a healthy food habit 
  •      Not taking care of the blemished the right way 
 A lot of mistakes can be avoided when people could identify their skin type and texture. Younger people would have normal skin as compared to the older crowd. Normally, the skin would be normal, oily, sensitive, dry or a combination of either of it. No matter what type of skin people would have, certain basic tips could bring out the magic to the skin.
  •      Use SPF products that can block both UVA and UVB rays 
  •      Avoid direct sunlight
  •      Avoid smoking 
  •      Keep hydrated 
  •      Never wear makeup to bed but apply night creams
  •      Consume enough fruits and veggies 
  •      Avoid washing face with harsh products 
  •      Moisturize as required
   Consume in own way for a fabulous skin 

To get the desired skin, everyone should consume and draw proper goodies charts. Nutrition plays a vital role in providing a glowing and healthy skin. It is essential to consume a lot of water as it is beneficial for the skin by purifying the system. Certain fruits, veggies, and other nutrients need to be consumed based on one’s own appetite and need. 
  •      Walnuts 
  •      All the fruits  
  •      Fatty fish or food with omega-3 fatty acids 
  •      Sweet potatoes
  •      Food containing vitamin C 
  •      Tomatoes 
  •      Soy 
  •      Leafy vegetables 
  •      Dark chocolate 
  •      Green tea  
  •      Olives 
  •      Eggs
  •      Oats 
  •     Mushrooms 
  •     Sunflower seeds 
 Choose the apt measure for the clear skin 

 At times, the skin may not clear out the road even after consuming the right amount of food and water. During such rare circumstances, one could meet the right dermatologist to identify the real problem. It is possible to resist all kinds of climate change and related conditions with the necessary steps if chosen promptly. Dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, PRP treatment, pigmentation treatment and much more. 

 Dermabrasion is considered to be an exfoliating technique which uses a rotating instrument that helps to remove the outer layers of damaged skin. Performed under general anesthesia, this would help new skin to grow in the removed areas. Fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven texture will be cleared out with dermabrasion.

 Microdermabrasion (MDA) is a non-invasive procedure that helps to remove dry and dead skin cells. With the help of tiny crystals, it would exfoliate the skin and help to improve the appearance. This process also assists with stimulating collagen formulation and enhances blood flow which is beneficial for healthy glowing skin.

 For a proper cleansing, doctors would generally suggest facial peels that could help improve the appearance. A non-toxic chemical solution would be used in the affected area so as to remove the dead skin cell layer. Depending on the skin type, a dermatologist would suggest the suitable facial peel for the promised results. These facial peels can retrieve a fair glowing skin by removing the dead cells. Fine lines, wrinkles, and all skin related issues can be cleared out. 

 PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is just concentrated blood plasma which would require 3 to 5 times the number of platelets found in normal blood. Platelets will help produce collagen in the body which would, in turn, regenerate the tissue, remove the dark spots, tighten the lines, and many other benefits. Normally, PRP is injected into the affected area to boost the growth of the inducing factors. 

 For severe conditions, dermatologists would recommend laser treatments. Laser treatment would recoup a glowing skin by working just like chemical peel and dermabrasion. The outer layers of the dead skin cells will be removed with the help of high-laser beams. Even pigmentation would be cleared out in no time. 

 Never let the glow fade away with seasons. Certain deviations in the present state could assist one with the desired results. It is always recommended that dermatologists are available for all hence, one should approach them when required. At Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio, they provide the perfect measures which would be beneficial for skin care. 

Blog reviewed by: Dr Aarti
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Lattice to the mystique beauty

Flawless glowing skin could be everybody’s dream. Certain doors and steps are required for this apt tone. Seasons might keep changing yet ...